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How to Start a Blog – 5 Easy Steps to Create a Blog

Blogging has been popular for quite some time now and is one of the many ways people use to communicate via the Internet together with forums/communities, emails, vlogs (video blogs), social networks, etc. But how do you make a blog? Where do you need to start from and what is the correct process? In this […]

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Google Adwords Optimization Tips – PPC Management

Google Adwords is the most popular and used system for advertising online. Now, I’ll skip all the introduction regarding this amazing platform but I promise you that I’ll cover more top level information as soon as possible in another post. Most online (and not) businesses are running Google Adwords for reaching they’re own goals that […]

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Email Marketing: How to Create a Mailing List – Newsletter Best Practices and Tips

Email marketing is one of the best strategies for reaching out a wide but focused audience in any niche, this is why it is with no doubt the longest used technique in web marketing – let’s check out how you can create a mailing list in a few minutes. Contents at a glance: Why is […]

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4 Quick Steps to Beat Google Penguin

After Google Penguin was rolled out in April, many website owners, SEOs and bloggers were struggling to understand what to do in order to avoid being penalized and/or to recover from a possible penalty. As I said in the previous post, it’s not immediate and straightforward to understand from which Google algorithm update you may […]

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Google Penguin Update, The New Panda

I think that April has become with no doubt the number one month for Google updates. In the future I’m sure that everyone that works in the Internet marketing field will look after what is going to happen during the 4th month of the year. Google Panda Update Yeah, after the 2011 April update named¬†Google¬†Panda, […]